Who's Paula Camilo and how did she come to be such a food lover?


Beginnings, Brazil

Growing up in Brasilia, Brazil, Paula's passion for the culinary arts ignited early. The daughter of true food lovers, she has always lived among the best of palates. The children frequently helped their family with the cooking. 



New York, NY

In 1999 Paula moved to the US where she continued to dazzle and produce her best recipes for friends, neighbors, and students while her husband attended school. In NYC Paula was able to immerse herself in the rich cultures and different culinary options of the Big Apple. She was able to learn how NYC menu and options could help her build the different cuisines that she now offers her clients.


Chicago, IL

In the Windy City, Paula understood that the many neighborhoods and cultures, all of which coming with their own culinary traditions, left her with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the diverse dishes that are now part of her trademark. Her 2 years in Chicago presented her with an array of choices and different new tastes that she brings to her clients up to this day.



Dominica, Caribbean

Paula was also able to spend 18 months in the Caribbean Island of Dominica, a hidden paradise in the Caribbean just recently put on the world's perspective as one of the shooting locations of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. In Dominica, the Caribbean cuisine was learned and most importantly, the culture of the region. How what one eats gives us our individual character, a specific identity that can reflect in our relationships, priorities, and values. In Dominica, she learned that food can bring people together. When we become involved in some way with the process of preparing food, whether it is hunting, gathering, shopping, cooking or assembling the components of a meal then that becomes a ritual that is basic and essential to our humanity. Dominica, the Paradise Island, taught her that.


Salt Lake City, Utah

It was upon relocating to Salt Lake City that Paula really expanded as a private Chef. After slowly establishing her client network, her yearning to create a kitchen and cooking experience with her personal touch bloomed.